Shipment of Vibration-Sensitive Equipment from Amsterdam to Shanghai
PROJECT:SINO-MSL worked on a project that involved the shipment of expensive and vibration-sensitive equipment from a supplier in The Netherlands to a remote site in Shanghai, China.
LOGISTICS REQUIREMENTS, CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS:The cargo, which contained machineries that were extremely sensitive, came equipped with “tip & tell” switches. These shock indicators or sensors were used for this particular shipment to reduce product damage and loss incurred during transit (if the sensors were “tipped,” the manufacturer’s warranty would have been compromised).

At SINO-MSL, ensuring the chain of accountability and safety for every product handling is our paramount concern. So when the shipment arrived in China, and it became apparent that there were no available air-ride vehicles in China that were equipped with special suspensions, the SINO-MSL team quickly went into solutions-based mode. Undeterred by this challenge, the SINO-MSL team made a complete and detailed route survey to determine the best possible passage to take, in order to avoid the rough and bumpy road conditions in Shanghai at that time.

Special arrangements were made by SINO-MSL with multiple parties, including the process of unloading the equipment from aircraft into the truck at aircraft side, while using hired labor under SINO-MSL’s close supervision. The process also included the terminal handling agent who would assist in the unloading and loading, the chartered special truck with its team, and the pre-arranged police escort so that we could drive at 10 miles an hour to avoid the shocks from the road conditions.
RESULT:Despite the rough route conditions—worsened by the scorching heat that day with temperature surpassing 38 degrees Celsius—SINO-MSL made a seamless delivery. The machines were delivered 5 hours after aircraft arrival—a rare accomplishment during those days in China.