MSL Express Services

  • How do I get more information about MSL Express Services?
  • For more information on any of our services, please contact us at Tel (718) 528-1833; Fax (718) 528-1507 or send an email to
  • How can I get a quote for the goods I want shipped?
  • MSL Express can be reached at Tel (718) 528-1833; Fax (718) 528-1507 or send an email to Our team at MSL Express will get back to you immediately.

Packing and Shipping

  • How should I prepare and pack my shipments?
  • We recommend that when you prepare and pack your shipment, it is best to crate or stack your goods on pallets securely to prevent damage. Smaller shipments should be packaged in a way that will ensure the safe delivery of your goods. Secure cartons to the pallet with banding, shrink-wrap, stretch-wrap or breakaway adhesive. Full containers should be packaged as tightly as possible. Cartons should be stacked squarely on the skid with no overhang. Be sure the top surface is flat. Labels must be placed on every piece or package. Please note that improper packaging may void the carrier’s liability for damage.

  • How do I get my shipment from the port to my final destination in the United States?
  • MSL Express can arrange for delivery from the port of arrival to the final destination anywhere in the United States. We also offer international delivery options to anywhere in the world with similar services for US exporters to the end-user’s door, overseas.

  • What information do you need about each US Import shipment?
  • In general, we need a detailed description of the goods, the commercial invoice showing the sale of the goods, bill of lading or waybill from the carrier, and a packing slip and delivery notice (if available). There are additional requirements for a number of goods (USDA perishables). For more information on what is required, please call us at Tel (718) 528-1833 or email