MSL Express Services

  • How do I get more information about MSL Express Services?
  • For more information on any of our services, please contact us at Tel (718) 528-1833; Fax (718) 528-1507 or send an email to
  • How can I get a quote for the goods I want shipped?
  • MSL Express can be reached at Tel (718) 528-1833; Fax (718) 528-1507 or send an email to Our team at MSL Express will get back to you immediately.

Packing and Shipping

  • Who is the consignor and who is the consignee?
  • The Consignor (or Shipper) is the person who sends the shipment. A consignee is the person who receives the shipment.

  • What is transit time and how can I get it?
  • Transit time is the time it takes to transport cargo between ports. It includes time spent in sea voyage and transshipment in ports. As a rule, this information is posted at the sites or on documents issued by shipping lines.

  • Can I estimate the weight of my shipment?
  • In most cases, you can estimate your weight on the bill of lading. But be aware that the carrier can and will adjust the weight, which will determine your final cost. If an inaccurate weight or class is used and a shipment is reweighed or re-classed by the carrier, those costs will be passed on to you. Reweighing may also delay delivery.


    The final weight is known as the “chargeable weight.” For Air Freight, chargeable weight may be the dimensional weight if greater than the gross weight of the shipment. If you have underestimated the weight, and the shipment reaches a central terminal, a dock master will judge the goods and perhaps reweigh the goods. If reweighed, you will be billed for the new actual weight. Each mode of transportation has its own set of rules. Your MSL Express Agent can answer those questions for you.