Shipment of Factory Equipment for a Global Food and Beverage Company


MSL Express worked on a special project for a global food and beverage company with unique and specific logistic requirements. The project, which was given on short notice (5 to 7 business days), required MSL Express to provide price, transit time, service options from the ex-factory to various sites overseas in multiple countries, and to find the right carrier at the right price with an optimum transit time.



The project required delivery under DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) terms. MSL Express had to closely coordinate with the end-user and partner at destination to come up with the best delivery arrangement. This was done to ensure that the equipment would safely arrive at the site and on time.


MSL Express’s main challenge in this project was to find a suitable carrier for the over-dimensional cargos which exceeded the required length, width, and height. There are many carriers that are unwilling to accept booking for equipments of such nature because it adversely affects the efficient use of space, requires special loading and unloading equipment, and needs detailed coordination at both ports of loading and discharge.



Due to MSL Express’s extensive experience and strong business relationships with a number of regional and global carriers, we were able to easily secure the booking confirmation. To ensure the success of the project, the MSL Express team drew from their vast experience, having done multiple projects with multiple destinations, such as England, Poland, Spain, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Pakistan, to name a few. The shipment was delivered safely and on time, much to the satisfaction of our client.